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Dissolve unwanted or migrated filler. Hylenex contains Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that occurs naturally in the body that breaks down hyaluronic acid gel fillers. The enzyme catalyzes the dissolution of the filler, reversing its effect without damaging the skin's surface or the dermal structure.

  • Is your product good for my skin type?
    Yes! Snail mucin can be used on all skin types, but its hydrating properties make it a great choice for those with dry skin.
  • How often should I use it?
    It greatly depends on the reason why you're using the product since it has many beneficial properties. But generally speaking, it is good to use our moisturizer twice per day, once during your morning skincare regimen and once at night.
  • Is Snail Cream Safe for use?
    First, the mucin is concentrated and then goes through a purification process to remove any germs or bacteria. Just like with any other skin-related cosmetic, it must be biocompatible (safe) for use by humans.
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